The College of Engineering Academic Planning Council includes:

•    One faculty member elected from each department in the College. Each department will determine its election procedures.
•    Two academic staff members elected by the academic staff in the College
•    The Dean shall appoint the Associate Deans
•    The Dean

Elected members of the APC may select substitutes to attend individual meetings if they must be absent. Should an elected member not be able to attend three (3) consecutive meetings or 50% of the total annual meetings, the appropriate unit shall elect another member to serve out the term.

The term of office for the elected faculty and staff members of the APC is three (3) years. Any elected member may serve up to two (2) consecutive terms. Appointed members will serve annually with appointment by the Dean.

The College APC shall conduct its business in accordance with FPP 3.08.

Regular meetings of the APC are to be open meetings. Departmental chairpersons, faculty and college staff are encouraged to attend and participate in agenda items of particular importance to them.